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Whole lotta love #1 in radio 2 100 greatest ever guitar riffs poll


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Only one entry per band allowed? Should be some more Zep songs in there surely?

Heartbreaker should have made it. But, they were considering all guitar riffs, from not only rock, but pop.

EVH is there twice, for ATBL & Beat It.

Smashing Pumpkins have some good riffs. This list was the Best & "Most Iconic", or "Most recognizable" by the masses. It was that kind of list. YAWN

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I listened to the programme, and was very happy that Zep came first. Shouldn't be any other way. Jimmy sounded so sweet and delighted, too.

..."Whole Lotta Love", being performed in 1971, in Kabul Afghanistan, by Sri Lanka Rock Musicians Band "The Esquire Set"....some photographic memories of the extraordinary musicians



The actual audio of WLL is not available as of yet, although once it was part of this blog by Tony Curtis (being searched by Sri Lanka Musicians) from Esquire Set, as per top photo above WLL being performed,

The Medium and Message Blog by BBC Jounalist "Tony Curtis"/Journey to the heart of Very Beautiful City "Kabul" History of Music and Artists in Kabul...


Esquire Set advertisements in Kabul Times Archives from University of Arizona


not edited..

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