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Led Zeppelin - Better Live or in Studio?

Stairway is NOT stolen

live or Studio?  

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  1. 1. Are Led Zeppelin better live or in Studio?

    • Studio
    • Live
    • Both
    • I don't like Led Zeppelin, and I don't know why I'm here

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Believe it or not, I prefer a live 35+ minute version of "Dazed and Confused" and "Moby Dick", etc.. over the extremely tremendous (less then 10 minute versions) of the same songs. I Love Led Zeppelin's live improvisation, versatility and risks that They risked with every concert that They ever played. Yes, some of that was rehearsed and contrived, but A LOT of it was Pure Genius and it took the Whole Band to pull of the Improv and Risks that made Led Zeppelin the Greatest Live Rock and Roll Group in the History of Rock and Roll.

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There's a big difference in "Live", those being listening to them live (i.e. a live recording) and being their watching/listening to them play live.

The latter was the ultimate Zep experience. For those who managed to experience it, it was transcendent.

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