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A guitar cover about everything that is wrong with the world today.

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Hi folks. Recent events unfolding in the world around has has been bothering me for quite sometime now...I've been struggling to come to terms with what's happening...especially the middle east...the barbarism thats unleashed when few evil men control millions in the name of religion/ideology ... Thought I'd take us back in time to show why man has never learnt from history... its a megadeth song.. Developed a small storyline within the song. Please do watch & share your opinions. Thank you

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Thank you scarlet, that is me playing. For recording I use a M-Audio fast track usb interface. For amp effects I used Overloud's TH2 & for recabinet 3 for cabinet simulation.So its pretty much all vst's. I've covered some zep songs too. Hopefully its to your taste :-) do watch.

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