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DREAM set list for Led Zeppelin concert

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What would your DREAM set list be if you had the opportunity to see Led Zeppelin live?

This is mine. Keep in mind that its a dream set list so dont say things like its too long or the band woudl never do anything like this.

The Song Remains the Same

Rock and Roll

Black Dog

Nobodys Fault but mine

D'yer Maker

Living Loving Maid (Shes just a woman)

Bring it on Home

Custard Pie

Since I've been Loving You

Good Times Bad Times

How many more times

Houses of the Holy

Dazed and Confused

*Acoustic Set*

The Rain Song

Bron Y Aur Stomp

Babe I’m Gonna Leave you

Thank You

*Move out of acoustic set into opening riff of KASHMIR*

What is and what should never be

All of My Love

Dancing Days

The Immigrant song

Trampled Underfoot

In My time of Dying

The Ocean

Fool in the Rain


Communication Breakdown


Achilles Last Stand

Whole Lotta Love

Over the Hills and Far Way

Stairway to Heaven

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Id love to see/hear

in no real order..

the song remains the same

the rover (full song)

the lemon song

the wanton song

i cant quit you

in the light

night flight

for your life

hots on for nowhere

how many more times

thank you

no quarter

whole lotta love

mess of the blues

honey bee

black dog

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As much as I loved this show with all my heart, would have loved some acoustic and/or earlier tunes as in :

- Going to California

- Thats the Way

- Babe Im Going to Leave You

- We're Gonna Groove

- How Many More Times (the unsung hero of the heavy tunes)

- The Rover

- The Ocean

- Travelling Riverside Blues of course !!

But in a two-hour gig a band with their repetoire just cant play everything.

Just glad Jimmy whipped out the bow ;-)

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Thought the 02 set was pretty spot on. Thank You, Over The Hills And Far Away, How Many More Times, On The Tiles, Achilles Last Stand, Custard Pie, Moby Dick wouldn't have gone a miss though, but hey, they could have played all night abd all the next day and it would have still kicked arse!!

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