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Band Commissioned Footage of their Spring US Tour 1970

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okay...this was strange...i was reading Celebration, The Tight But Loose Files Volume 1. (an amazing Zeppelin book for any Zeppelin fan), and in one instance talking about Zeppelin footage, he states that Zeppelin commissioned a group of filmmakers (possibly the same who did Royal Albert Hall) to film them on their Spring US tour in 1970 which was a very hectic tour full of a lot of crowd disturbances and scuffles with police and civil unrest, and would be a fabulous thing to see footage of. Zeppelin also played at the Salt Palace on March 26, a show in my hometown of Salt Lake City that has seemed to have (beyond a few priceless photos) no documentation whatsoever. this would be amazing if anyone knew anymore about this, or if and when it was canceled or if the shooting went down? all in all, this footage should've seen the light of day before now if it exists.

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and some of the photos and audience descriptions on zeppelin.com have been VERY intriguing. my father went to the Salt Palace 1973 show and was stationed on the East Coast in the mid seventies and was able to see the Nassau Coliseum show in 1975, he couldnt remember if it was the 13th or 14th but he did say Robert kept saying something about "St. Valentine" and i just started laughing cause i told him "well...YEAH CAUSE IT WAS VALENTINE'S DAY" so he was at the 14th too (thank god he wasnt with my mom yet or she woulda kicked his ass forgetting Valentine's Day ) :bubble: he said he had a buddy too who went to THIS show and the guy said there were a lot of crowd disturbances which made the band feel like just leaving, not cause of the crowd, but because the enthusiastic crowd was continually being hassled even to the point Jimmy and Robert were accosted by a cop on the side of the stage. But he said that Zeppelin, to their credit, it made them more determined to play even better and try to play as long as they could, but since there was a strict noise curfew in SLC at the time (MORMONS ughhh) they could only play around two hours. usually this woulda been a situation where i could've seen Zeppelin saying "fuck you pigs, we're gonna play 3 1/2 hours now" hahah. but yeah this talk of footage from this tour, and it being band commissioned, OFFICIAL MATERIAL is soooooooo interesting its not even funny. considering this was such a creative, important juncture in the band's history, where their hearts are telling them to go to the more ethereal and mellow while the crowd, unknowingly seeing this heavy heavy band play Zep I and Zep II numbers with SIBLY thrown in, were about to get their minds exploded by Zeppelin III just a few months later. basically if Zeppelin had not made the decision to do Zeppelin III maybe we wouldnt have Stairway, or Going to California, or Ten Years Gone, or ANY AND ALL acoustically based / ballad type numbers. they could've become pigeonholed into being "the heaviest band on earth" and made same album after same album like AC/DC, Slayer, etc.

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