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Zep Songs You've Heard on the Radio


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Just was wondering how good radio stations could be in your area with Zep's more unknown stuff.

Here's my list form stations me:


Good Times Bad Times

Dazed and Confused


Whole Lotta Love

What Is And What Should Never Be


Living Loving Woman

Ramble On


Immigrant Song


Black Dog

Rock and Roll

The Battle of Evermore (actually played pretty often)

Stairway To Heaven

Misty Mountain Hop

When The Levee Breaks

Houses of the Holy

Over The Hills and Far Away

Dancing Days

D'yer Mak'er

No Quarter

The Ocean

Physical Graffiti

Custard Pie

In My Time Of Dying (Rarely, usually late at night)

Houses Of The Holy (also played very often)

Trampled Under Foot


Ten Years Gone


Nobody's Fault But Mine

Hots On for Nowhere (also played often)

In Through The Out Door

Fool In The Rain

All My Love

Pretty much from IV to Presence, the stations by me are pretty good at playing the deeper cuts. The three I noted (The Battle of Evermore, Houses of The Holy, and Hots On or Nowhere) are played pretty often for not being that popular Zep tunes. The first song of theirs I ever heard as a child was Houses of the Holy. How are everyone else's local radio stations like?

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