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Jimmy Page's favorit records/artists

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Hey it's me again.

I tried to find an existing thread about this but was unsuccesfull (I apologize if it already exists)

I was wondering if you guys know about records or artists Jimmy really likes.

Obviously he was into the blues and indian music and traditionnal british folk.

But I would love to listen to specific records (old or contemporary)

Any thoughts ?


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more in this discussion from fans here...


Jimmy had his top artists influential article in Mojo Feb. 2010, I don't think it is on-line scanned yet, I will scan it later...

The artists are listed in order...

Missa Luba. Lonnie Mack, Paul Horn, Muddy Waters, Sly and Family, K. Penderecki; Walter Carlos, The Damned, Om Kalsoum, J. Brown, Billy B. Arnold, R. Harper, Santo & Johny, Les Paul/Mary Ford

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