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Robert interviewed for Toussaint documentary

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(Not sure where to put this, so Sam feel free to move if needed.)

Robert was interviewed for a documentary on legendary New Orleans legend Allen Toussaint and the doc premiered tonight on our local PBS channel WLAE.

Robert had quite a few sequences where he speaks of Toussaint and New Orleans music being a huge influence on him.

The article linked above also shows how the filmmakers were huge LZ fans and were happy to interview him.

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Sorry double post tried to edit above for clarity and punctuation and I can't. Hmmmm :(

The documentary is very good, Mr. Toussaint has had an amazing musical journey and influenced so many artists!

I have been privledged to see him perform several times and it is always a pleasure.

When I was younger I didn't realize how much music is built on generation after generation.

In the article above one of the film producers commented how Robert has an encyclopedic knowledge of New Orleans and all music history.

This isn't the first time I have heard this about him.

He also isn't the only member of LZ that others have said this about.

JP, JPJ and JHB all are known as having great knowledge and studying a copious amount of the music of those legends living before them.

Thank goodness the members of LZ were ALL good students and fans of all of the different sounds and of the musical geniuses which preceded them. I know this allowed them to create a very unique sound all of their own.

(Couldn't edit my post above but clarified some of the relevance here. ;) )

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