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Music of Led Zeppelin with the Milwaukee Symphony with Randy Jackson

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I had the pleasure of performing in Windborne's Music of Led Zeppelin show, with the Milwaukee Symphony, last Sat night, featuring Randy Jackson of Zebra on vocals.

Deborah J, we talked about Randy out in NY, and you're right, he's a great, down to earth guy. I had a blast performing with him, and chatting with him. We traded some Zep stories, like how he crashed their after-show party in New Orleans in 1973! :-)

Here's a gallery of pics from the show, posted by the theater on their Facebook page:


Anyone on here go to the show? And if you see one of these shows coming to your town, I highly recommend it (even if I'm not playing guitar!).

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Hi Steve!

How great that you met and played together! I have looked for any video and I hope there is something put up soon:-) I would have loved to have been at that show!! :yesnod:

Randy is such a great guy indeed. I remember us talking about him after the Y2 event for Jimmy..and now I see this...small world sometimes! I am a huge fan of Zebra and Randy. To a lot of us they were our Led Zeppelin fix in the 80's back in my hometown of New Orleans. What a voice he has.

The photos are great and THANK YOU for sharing and I also suggest if he is doing his show whether it is The Music of Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd or any other, or his acoustic shows...live he is wonderful to see. Are you playing with him again anytime soon?

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