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Led Zeppelin's WORST show?

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12 hours ago, ZepHead315 said:

My vote would probably go to Landover 5/28/77. Tempe is rough for sure, but it's enjoyable in a "so bad it's good" sense. Landover is just depressing. Three hours of both Page and Bonham delivering uninspired, lethargic performances, all captured in a flat dry soundboard. Maybe the worst sounding soundboard of 1977 from what we have thus far. 77 haters can surely get plenty of ammo from a show like this. Amazing how they pulled it all together just two nights later. The difference between the last two Landover shows is honestly night and day.

You  are  right, but  i  think  5/26  is  worse. They  destroyed  kashmir  and  IMTOD.

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