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Robert Plant & the Sensational Space Shifters - 2015 gigs/tour dates

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^^^It sounded like "How Many Years" to me, but whatever it was it sounded good. Liam's guitar solo on "Spoonful" was another highlight...very psychedelic blues.

I had to chuckle after the show ended. I looked at the time and saw it lasted about 80 minutes or so. I turned to my friend and said Zeppelin would just be wrapping up "No Quarter" by this point...we'd still have another hour and a half to go, haha.

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^^ It's my pleasure, Deb :)

^lol zepscoda, you're a good sport about it, no harm done.

And now, finally some videos again, these from the show at the Greek Theater, Los Angeles, California (2-6-2015).

Going by Strider's handy setlist, voila:

"The Wanton Song"


"Going to California" (with a touching tribute to Dennis Sheehan)

"Spoonful/ The Lemon Song/ Killing Floor"


"Little Maggie"

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A few more spoonfuls from the Greek Theater (2-6-2015)

"No Place to Go/ Dazed and Confused"

"What Is and What Should Never Be"

"I Just Want Make Love to You/ Whole Lotta Love"

"A Stolen Kiss" (it's back on the setlist!)

"Rock and Roll"

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Gosh darn it, Patrycja...you've been a busy bee!!! Where do you find the time? Good job tracking down the YouTube clips.

Now that the show is over, I'm allowed to share some tidbits. The day before the gig, Billy and a couple others from the band were shopping for Emitt Rhodes albums at Amoeba Records.

Also, Liam's guitar was purposely de-tuned for Wanton Song and the reason Justin and John weren't out on stage for that song was that Robert wanted to start the concert as a classic four-piece band as a tip of the hat to Led Zeppelin.

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It doesn't actually take so long, Strider. I just post on breaks from other things I'm working on at night. Any delays are just because I need to keep fixing and editing to get it looking right, but lol I don't scour the net or YouTube for any of these. Anyway, whatever length of time spent beats a second of quibbling.

So, without further ado, here's the latest featurette:

Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters - On the Road in North America, Summer 2015

Another one from the Greek Theater show (2-6-2015), our favourite unifier of quibbles :D

"Black Dog"

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What a good idea - watch great concerts, help fight cancer.

Pay What You Want to Stream Mountain Jam 2015, Support Teen Cancer America

By Scott Russell

June 4, 2015 | 12:07pm

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You can do exactly that by watching the Mountain Jam 2015 webcast this weekend. The four-day Hunter, New York music festival is available online via live show streaming service Tourpedo. Headliners include The Black Keys, Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters, Alabama Shakes, Gov’t Mule, moe., Michael Franti & Spearhead, Grace Potter and many more.

Both single-day and festival streaming passes are available, and the prices are up to you, with all proceeds benefitting Teen Cancer America. Viewers are asked to donate a minimum of $1.99 for a Thursday pass, $4.99 for a Friday, Saturday or Sunday pass, and $12.99 for a festival pass. Viewers will also be able to tip artists during their sets, with the highest tippers winning prize packs full of artist-signed swag, as per a Tourpedo press release.

The festival is the brainchild of Radio Woodstock and Allman Brothers Band/Gov’t Mule guitarist Warren Haynes, who will take the stage for multiple sets with Gov’t Mule this weekend. Mountain Jam, now in its 11th year, is considered one of the top music festivals in the country.

The music starts tonight at 8 p.m. EST, with roots rock stalwarts Railroad Earth kicking off the proceedings. The red-hot Alabama Shakes will close out the festival on Sunday night. See and hear all the action on Hunter Mountain from the comfort of your couch. The price is right and the cause is just.

You can donate and get your Mountain Jam 2015 streaming passes here.

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... and a couple of glowing reviews of the Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA show (2-6-2015):


And I thought I couldn’t love him any more…

June 4th, 2015 Anthony Marks


I had my reservations walking into The Greek Theatre Tuesday night to see Led Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant. Such an amazing voice couldn’t possibly sustain itself after almost 40 years of wear, right? I had watched a video of Plant playing with Jimmy Page in 2001 and remember thinking, “Hmm…it’s just not the same.” Who knows why that particular video clip didn’t turn me on, though, because Plant’s performance at The Greek cemented his legendary status by confirming that he can still deliver a phenomenal live show.

The second Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters took to the stage to open with “The Wanton Song,” his voice screamed and howled just like my childhood self remembered. I was enthralled from that moment on, and so was everyone around me. I can honestly say that it felt like a true rock god had just walked onto the stage. After seeing countless shows at The Greek, I thought I’d felt all the good feelings one can get from a killer live show, but I’ve never felt what I did that night.


The evening was particularly great because the band actually jammed. They didn’t just go through the motions to finish a song or a set. Each hand-picked Zeppelin tune was extended and re-imagined. Sometimes they’d be halfway through a song before I’d realize, “Ohhh, it’s THAT song!” I loved it. They embellished to the point that they made the band seem like something new and not simply a throwback — not even a little bit.

They kept it fresh and funky. A lot of the song choices by Plant were classic blues tunes, including “Spoonful” and “Mona.” Even when the band played hits like “The Lemon Song” and “Whole Lotta Love,” they added so many new changes and parts, I didn’t know where the song was or where it was going. But I loved it. They made almost every classic into a medley.

Robert Plant was having fun up on that stage. I could tell he was very comfortable and natural acting as the rockstar that he is. The band felt like a band, not like a collection of hired musicians. Every performer was a complete showman, exhibiting serious swagger and amazing stage presence.

Plant said of the Sensational Space Shifters, “We bring in all the aspects of being European, leaning on Africa and the Delta. It’s pretty virile stuff, and it has come from our countless hours of trudging the endless highways. If we’d just met in a room somewhere, we’d have never gone anywhere near this.”

Through and through, the group felt in-sync and collaborative, and I really did get the impression that they compromised and fused their musical souls. What an honor it must be to work with Robert Plant, who is all about the music and not the stardom. Then again, I don’t think he’s ever had to worry about reaching stardom, so of course he focuses on the music. Either way, WOW.

The band played a few new songs off Plant’s latest LP, Lullaby and The Ceaseless Roar, which was released in September. Unlike many older rock acts, his new songs were good. Really good! They were good enough that I might buy the new album. I’ll at least stream it.


Overall, it was wonderful to be part of the excitement at The Greek Tuesday night. The audience participation was in full-force — not just during the hit songs, but throughout the jams as well! The entire venue was pumped. Anything Plant sang was received with 100 percent enthusiasm and thankfulness.

The voice that we all grew up with came to life, and so did we!

Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters will be touring throughout the summer, and, hopefully, the rest of my life. I’m gonna close my laptop now. It’s time to play some inspired blues.


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It's always a pleasure seeing him live, for what he is and has done, and continues to do -

But Plant's set list hasn't changed much in several years.....

I agree, and Im so glad i got to see him on most tours during the 80's and 90's when he still played his early solo songs

I'm in the mood for a melody

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The Robert Plant And The Sensational Space Shifters concert scheduled for Sunday,

June 7th at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre is being postponed due to illness.

Tickets will be honoured for the new date of Tuesday, September 15, 2015.

"I woke up this morning and found that I had more of a similarity with a crooning Kermit than my normal Golden self,

so heaps of apologies. It’s not my idea of fun to miss a gig.” - Robert Plant


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While Robert recovers from laryngitis (be gone, pestilence!), some review and free ticket offer tidbits.

First, that other review I meant to post a couple of days ago from the Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA show (2-6-2015):

Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters at the Greek

By Paty Elias Posted: 06/04/2015 02:03:35 PM PDT


Under the full moon, Robert Plant weaved musical magic June 2, 2015 with his Sensational Space Shifters.

Famed for melding blues and heavy rock as the lead singer of Led Zeppelin, Plant crushed it Tuesday night it with a killer voice that over the years has been honed to an even higher caliber.

At 66, Plant still looks like the Lion King, albeit with shorter mane. Obviously time does it thing, but his incredible voice is still astoundingly resonant.

Plant isn't moored in the past. On the contrary, he is tapped into the vast musical energy of the times.

"Who would have ever thought, as we grew up across the Atlantic, and we kept buying these great records made out here in L.A., and New York,Chicago, Memphis, that we would play in 1968 and kick ass for so many years?" he asked the crowd.

Led Zeppelin disbanded in 1980, and Plant has been on musical journey ever since. His set list at the Greek drew from his entire career, beginning with Led Zeppelin and continuing through his latest album, "Lullaby and the Ceaseless Roar."

The Sensational Space Shifters, Plant's current band, is well-equipped for the journey, doing things like blending Moroccan, African and Arabic styles, then flipping it and breaking out into a Led Zeppelin song.

The nostalgic attraction for the past brought flocks of people to the Greek, where the twist was the new sounds that Plant is creating and meshing with Zeppelin's catalog.It was just flooring.

The performance brought together the free-flowing energy of rock and roll and eclectic world music that electrified the audience. Space was indeed shifted and uplifted, and it all sadly ended as Plant said goodnight.


The Wanton Song (Led Zeppelin)
Turn It Up
Black Dog (Led Zeppelin)
Going to California (Led Zeppelin)
Spoonful (Willie Dixon cover)
The Lemon Song (Led Zeppelin)
Little Maggie
No Place to Go / Dazed and Confused (Howlin' Wolf / Jake Holmes/Led Zeppelin)
What Is and What Should Never Be (Led Zeppelin)
Fixin' to Die (Bukka White cover)
Whole Lotta Love / Mona
(I Just Want to Make Love To… more )

A Stolen Kiss
Rock and Roll (Led Zeppelin)




Photos: Juan O'Campo


Also, a stunning black and white shot from the show:


"The Lion himself, Robert Plant at the Greek with the Spaceshifters"


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