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Fun Zeppelin Poll Thingy

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I just voted (picking one from every album though you don't have to - I bet most people did likewise) and looked at the results, and I think they're just weirdly skewed by the fact that people don't like the later albums nearly as much as the first six, and so practically everyone who voted in the Presence category has gone for ALS - and the same sort of thing with Coda and ITTOD. Whereas with the albums that have more good songs, votes are more spread out. It's the only explanation for so many of the weaker songs from the last three albums being so high up the list. A way better way to find out what really are the world's favourite Zep songs would be to have respondents pick ten, with 10 points for their very favourite, 9 for the next etc., and no restrictions on how many you can have from one album.

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I: Babe I'm Gonna Leave You

II: What Is and What Should Never Be

III: Tangerine

IV: When the Levee Breaks

HOTH: The Rain Song

PG: Kashmir

Presence: Achilles Last Stand

ITTOD: In the Evening

Coda: Wearing and Tearing

I had to debate really hard between two songs on four albums. It just speaks to how amazing they really were/are.

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