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Hello to all!

I'm a guitarist from Buffalo, NY and a HUGE Jimmy Page enthusiast (I was lucky enough to meet him on November 5th 2014 in NYC). I play (and also take on the role of lead vocalist) in a three piece blues and rock band that formed in September of last year after some effort to get off the ground. I've actually been conversing with a local radio DJ who runs a Led Zeppelin hour every Sunday night and he is looking to get me on the show. So far we have two songs recorded (produced, mixed and mastered by myself) and are looking to record more very soon as we have quite a few more originals raring to go. Anyhow, I figured I'd share some of our music on here to see how it will be perceived by some other Zeppelin fans on here and maybe get some feedback.


Find us on Facebook at Mojo Stone and on Twitter @mojo_stone

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After seeing Mojo Stone Live in Niagara Falls on 5/8/16 opening for our friends, Ozone Mama I can honestly say that I can see a very bright future ahead for you, AleisterPage!  

Happy to hear about the local radio DJ who runs the Led Zeppelin hour every Sunday night, I do hope he was able to feature Mojo Stone on the air?   


Keep up the fantastic righteous work and I'll certainly be looking forward to seeing Mojo Stone live again asap!


Everyone out there, if you read this, please check this band out, and head on out to a live show you will be so glad you did!  


I highly recommend them!  


I drove from Pottsville PA USA to Niagara Falls NY  an over 6 hour drive one way and this show, with Mojo Stone, Wacko Fest, and our good friends, Ozone Mama who traveled all the way from Budapest Hungary for their very first show here in the USA was well worth the trip and I can't wait till I have another chance to attend a show again soon.  

I am so hoping I, as a booking agent with my company Pottsville PA Band Network that someday I  will be able to book both Mojo Stone and Ozone Mama for more concerts, especially in my area here in Pennsylvania, because we will be so lucky to have them.  

AleisterPaige, I hope you don't mind if I also do a bit of promotion for our friends, Ozone Mama as well, here?  I think we'll agree, both Mojo Stone & Ozone Mama are some of the most righteous bands out there and together, wow, what a powerhouse, and well worth the trip from anywhere to see live?!  

So I do hope anyone who'll read this will grab a chance asap to experience a live show from both bands asap!  


You can check out some videos from this wonderful show on both our YouTube pages at 


Mojo Stone: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCThFFF39TVpip6lG8gKoE2Q

Pottsville PA Band Network


Cheers and keep on rockin!! 


Sharon Frantz

Pottsville PA Band Network

101 Mahantongo Street

Suite 603

Pottsville,PA 17901


email: pottsvillepabandnetwork17901@gmail.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/pottsvillepabandnetwork

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