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Your dream version of the Page & Plant setlist

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For awhile now I've been listening to anything I can get my hands on of Page & Plant's No Quarter World Tour. I was wondering, with all the different variations in the setlist night after night, what would be the absolute perfect line-up of songs you would want to hear? Here's mine:

00. Egyptian Intro
01. Immigrant Song/The Wanton Song
02. Bring It On Home
03. Heartbreaker
04. Over the Hills and Far Away
05. Shake My Tree
06. Hurdy Gurdy Solo
07. Gallows Pole
08. Tea For One
09. The Song Remains the Same
10. The Rain Song
11. Ten Years Gone
12. Wonderful One
13. Whole Lotta Love
14. Hey Hey What Can I Do
15. Achilles' Last Stand
16. Friends
17. Yallah/The Truth Explodes
18. Four Sticks
18. In the Evening
20. Kashmir
21. Custard Pie
22. Black Dog
23. Rock and Roll
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OK so take out OTHAFA, ALS, and Friends but add Hey, Hey...because it was AWESOME when I saw them in '95 with the whole crowd singing it. Maybe that'll take it down to a more manageable time length! ;)

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Friends 94

When the levee breaks 94

Nobodys fault but mine 94

Four sticks 94

In the evening

The song remains the same

Wanton song

Gallows pole

No quarter 94

City dont cry


Kashmir 94

Thank you

What is and what should never be

Wonderful one

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