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Here's another "What If?" question for you: what if "In Through the Out Door" was released as a double, rounded out with the 1978-era "Coda" tracks and "Walter's Walk" thrown in for good measure?

The original ITTOD clocks in at 42:25 and with the four tracks added, the revised total (by my math) is 60:50.

That's a little short for a double, but at 67:07, "Exile on the Main Street" isn't that much longer.

Something like "Swan Song" could have rounded it out nicely.

What do you think?

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I have often thought that ITTOD seemed to over too soon even though forty minutes is the standard for vinyl.But with the extra tracks that are avaidable it could stretch to a double but unfortunately it would be compared to the mighty PG.Like Hendrix's Electric Lady land which was ground breaking ,First Rays of The New Rising Sun which was initially a single (Cry of Love)lp is not held in such high esteem and like Zep sees him going off in a new direction which not everyone liked,hence we have the thread 'why is ITTOD the most disliked'.But I see what you are probably getting at. There is no real out and out rocker on ITTOD and Wearing and Tearing could have fit the bill even though I don't like it(it sounds forced to these ears).Problem is if we took the tracks off Coda there would be no Coda and despite its faults I like Coda and that is the coda to my post

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I totally understand where you're coming from, I too thought for a while that In Through the Out Door was missing something which, at least in theory, would/could have been remedied had it been a double album like Physical Graffiti... that opinion no longer holds sway with me though, the latter album justified it's double-disc status because of the sheer volume and indeed strength of material contained therein, that is simply not the case with the former album however; don't get me wrong, ITTOD has some monumentally great songs and moments - 'In The Evening', 'Carouselambra', 'All Of My Love', and 'I'm Gonna Crawl' - that easily rank alongside anything that preceded it, but the band had nothing left in store from previous albums (having emptied the cupboard with PG five years previously), and of the material that was left off the album, the only one worth including is 'Wearing and Tearing'... which I contend SHOULD have been included - minor concerns over vinyl time constraints be damned - the album really needs at least one balls-out traditional rock track, and that song's exclusion diminishes the final released album somewhat. Of the other material you mentioned, 'Walter's Walk' wasn't even a finished song until 1982 - Plant recorded the vocals after Bonham's death - leaving only 'Darlene' and 'Ozone Baby' which still doesn't amount to a second disc's worth of studio material in order to bump ITTOD to double status... unless you intend to include 'Bonzo's Montreux' which I certainly wouldn't have, no album (studio or live) needs an extended drum solo on it... and that includes the TSRTS soundtrack album.

I disagree with those who diminish ITTOD and call it sub-standard or even just plain bad - it's neither - the fact the band were able to write and record ANYTHING in the emotional and physical state they were in at the time (much less the album of quality it is) has to be given some recognition, had 'Wearing and Tearing' been included on the final released album that hit shelves in mid-August 1979, it would have been a great swan song (albeit an unintended one) for the greatest band ever, as it stands, it's a damned respectable and thoroughly decent swan song, and one worthy of a reappraisal... even if the band themselves never held it in particularly high regard...

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