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So is Jimmy Page a 'sloppy' player?


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Ok, I am gonna confess to some serious shit here, after all, PageNotSLOPPY has blown the lid off of what is perhaps one of my greatest regrets:

You see, it all started in 75', during the Chicago gig's that year. Jimmy corn-holed my cousin Nancy of whom I looked upon as an angel sent from heaven. I could not, would not let this insult pass, thus, beginning in 1977 I began to sneak backstage before the gigs and spike Jimmy's drinks with dope. Jimmy in actuality never imbibed in drugs, it was me the whole time dosing the carousing guitarists...he had no idea. Oh, and I also messed with his amp settings in a manner that no one could adjust after I did so (I used super-glue on the knobs).

I call 1977 to 1980 my "Stewie" phase as a result.

So in retrospect I deeply apologize to Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin, and the whole LZ community of fans for my outrageous behavior during those dark years. I am not proud of my actions, I am deeply ashamed.

Then again, Jimmy should not have jammed it in my cousin's monkey-eye! Bastard!!!

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Jimmy takes risks by playing on the edge but it adds to the excitement. It's so good when compared to Eric Clapton's technical prowess. The later lacks any spontaneity & quickly becomes same old!

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There's no question that Jimmy Page had more "sloppy" moments than his musical peers. That's been covered a thousand times, but it's justifiable;

On one hand Page had to be sloppy to accommodate his style of songwriting- tight but loose. He was trying to incorporate multiple genres into every set list and improvising extended solos and breakdowns on every other song. That's very hard to do while also trying to maintain a high energy performance by dancing around like a madman. It should also be noted that he did all this very well with very little sloppiness for 6 years straight. It wasn't until the booze worked it's way into the live performance that he started to actually play poorly. Even then he still managed to play most of the rhythm parts fine, only getting sloppy on the improvised leads. I think when you look at the amount of weight he had on his shoulders leading the biggest rock act in the world, a little sloppiness can be excused.

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I love how people are criticizing JIMMY F’ING PAGE. People who can’t touch his ability. Classic online critic nerds who probably only call Jimmy Page sloppy because they heard he was sloppy from someone and like to pretend they’re in the know.  

The truth is every one of you critics would give your soul to be Jimmy Page. 

Led Zeppelin was RAW SOUND. This wasn’t a band about technical playing. Clearly Jimmy Page knew about precision as a highly-regarded session guitarist for years but that’s not what the band was about.  Led Zeppelin wouldn’t have been the band it was if precision was the object.  

And it was unbelievable sound.  The best rock band ever.  Period.  

Fair to say that Jimmy wasn’t as good in his later years with Zep vs. his earlier years but c’mon.  Jimmy Hendrix missed notes. Miles Davis missed notes. 

For an amateur to say that someone is making all the same mistakes as Jimmy Page is like a studio artist for The Flintstones saying that Picasso couldn’t paint.

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Classic online critics all of whom are unworthy of loosening the straps from Jimmy Page’s sandals. Man are people pathetic or what?  I mean seriously pathetic. 

Led Zeppelin was not about being a precision band although every one of them could be when they wanted to. It was about raw sound.   And what an amazing sound it was. 

Best rock group ever.  Period. 

For someone to say that you’re making all of same mistakes as Jimmy Page is like a cartoonist from the Flintstones saying that Picasso can’t paint.  It’s indicative of pure jealousy, short-sightedness, and an attempt to cope with their own self-loathing irrelevance and uselessness.  

I hate online critics. Some of the worst people in the world.  They think Jimmy Page is “sloppy” because they heard from someone that Jimmy Page is sloppy and just want to pretend that they’re in the know. They’re not and never will be. 

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Jimmy Page was the type of player who after getting his parts down on a studio session where mistakes can be done over then proceed to playing live on stage in Zeppelin where it is music on the fly, cannot be expected to hit every note exact; every performance.  I'm thinking of Page in his solo on Immigrant Song in Sydney AU that has been memorialized on film.  His playing at one point “outside” and some might think he's hit wrong notes.  I think he was trying to get outside the harmony and realized in an instant that he'd better draw back to the song's key and finish his solo spot.  That was the Page that was not afraid to try something new live, but not wish to put its own on tape.

During Zeppelin's performance era (68/69 to 79/80) most of people living then had never seen Led Zeppelin and an untold number never knew what they name meant. Their collective “Zep” experience was through recordings played over the world's radio networks or actually having possession of their recordings. Experiencing LED Zeppelin via that medium is in stark contrast to actually attending a Zeppelin performance live.  The live experience was more “spectical” such as seeing opera live; where the entire event and it's surroundings is a whole other experience than just recorded audio.  I think examining Jimmy's playing live might be (for some) sometimes be a let down and other times just the opposite.  For myself, I would accept it and then remember that I'm witnessing up close the musicians who actually recorded those earth-shaking tones and accept it for what it was. 




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Jimmy Page is very sloppy compared to the Jazz, Swing, and early Country pickers I listen to. Those guys were all improvisers with incredible chops. Very beautiful melodies. Fully expressed lines. Incredibly fast notes with clarity and purpose. Django Reinhardt, Charlie Christian, Barney Kessell, Joe Maphis, Jimmy Bryant, Hank Garland, Tal
Farlow... just too many great players out there to mention them all. Les Paul with his trio and on those Bing Crosby recordings is another great. 

Anyone who's went on to study these greats is going to notice that in comparison, Page, is pretty sloppy when playing live. That being said... i still enjoy listening to him. He's a great composer and came up with very many parts/songs that have stayed popular for 4 decades now. He has a great mind for melody. I got into playing guitar in high school after listening to albums Jimmy Page and Keith Richards wrote and played on. They both are terrific composers which most of the time is more important than technical skills.

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I think it is a bad use of words to describe him as sloppy. I saw Zep in 1979 and he was incredible but he LOVED the whole hippy trip feel, so most likely added a muddy feel best utilised by the likes of Michael Katon or Hendrix. Had he been note perfect, I may as well have stayed at home. It was AWESOME

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i want that you know that this sloppy player thing is talk of someone who doesn't understand jimmy page style. First of all, if you
just watch him play and not hear the sound, arguably his aesthetic in the use of hands and fingers is the most beautiful of all, you can see
that he is always well positioned, and moving with great elegance. And dare anyone that show a guitarist with more
elegance in handling the guitar than he is. Now looking at the sound, i have noticed a lot of praise for guitarists from
the 80s here. in this comparison we should note that guitarists from the 80s used a lot of distortion, and in my opinion                                                          
abused of idiotic frills, which made it much easier to create sounds, jimmy page had a purer style, with few distortion, which
made it more difficult to get the desired sounds, but it was a more elegant style, and never made frills, his elegance did not
allow for that. And an important question is if he were repetitive, played pretty much the same thing every show, to show
that he didn't make mistakes, i think led zeppelin would have been less interesting. So i think he was right by doing each show
with a different atmosphere, which made led zeppelin the most original in rock history, as it never repeated every show, and always had nuances
that made each show unique, and the shows considered bad, they're just different shows. Also a bad observer sees mistakes where
they don't exist, and i think that in led zeppelin shows there are few undeniable mistakes, and some may even be deliberate, and
the vast majority of mistakes that bad observers say exist are actually variations made by the jimmy page not to become too
predictable. I think the analyzes they do about jimmy page are very childish, because to analyze a guitarist accurately, i think it is
necessary to have a video of the performance, and in the case of jimmy page, considering all the shows he has done, what is there
of him playing is insignificant, and even what exists, generally the camera angles are not perfect, which does not allow a
more accurate analysis of their movements. Another important thing is that when he played a show, he was
clearly just playing on a show, he wasn't competing to show                           
that he was the best ever, and i think he was easily the best ever. the jimmy page was always fantastically discreet, and                                                            
never sought out advertising to show how good it was and this is sure
and thank you.

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