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Why the hell not?

John Lee Hooker was still out there playing at 83. B B King was touring in 2014 - he was 88 at the time. Willie Nelson is still playing at 81. Jeff Beck is 70 - still active. The Stones have an aggregate age of 278 and they're still writing and playing.

Age isn't the issue.

He keeps saying he's got stuff written (and he's been saying that since 1999), and he keeps saying he wants to go out and play.

Good points, but the acts you've listed are the same name acts that they have always been. Just because they are still active, they are still performing under the name that they are most famous as. Yes, they put one or two "new" songs into their live shows, but the live shows are really a 2+ hour greatest hits performance.

There's a big difference in crowd demand from say a Rolling Stones show, and say a Keith Richards solo show. Same with Zeppelin and Page.

I do agree that Page has developed a reputation as a promiser of new stuff, only to find out later that the delivery fell way short of expectations.

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