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2015 NFL Thread

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2 minutes ago, paul carruthers said:

I'm pulling for Peyton to get ring #2, but I also have an uneasy feeling that this game could be another 43-8 type smashing, with Denver being on the wrong end of it (again). I don't know if the 2 week layoff has cooled off the Panthers in any way--I guess I'll know by Sunday...

This totally has the look of a Seattle-Denver Super Bowl redux.

The Panthers had first-round bye week in the playoffs, remember? If the layoff didn't cool them off then, I don't see it cooling them off now. It certainly didn't cool off Seattle when they decimated Denver two years ago. And Peyton is even older and gimpier now than he was then.

Unless Von Miller and Demarcus Ware turn into Mean Joe Greene and L.C. Greenwood or Cam Newton turns into Rex Grossman, I don't see Denver having much of a chance.

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4 minutes ago, Walter said:

Strider - Kenny Stabler, HOF inductee - class of 2016!

If only he was still alive. NFL waited too damn long. Still...better late than never.

Congratulations "Snake"! :cheer:



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So happy Stabler #12 finally got in the Hall of Fame. I've been watching old Raider games on YouTube.

Remember daytime Super Bowls? Super Bowl XI was the last Super Bowl to be played completely in daylight. By the next season, the NFL and TV colluded to push the Super Bowl start time later in the day.

This was one of my happiest days of my life!


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19 minutes ago, Strider said:

Has the pregame started? It's a gorgeous 80° day out...thinking about skipping the first half and enjoying more of this sunshine, haha. 


I think that's a splendid idea!  I wouldn't do that because I don't get along with nature, but you have fun... :D

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7 minutes ago, Strider said:

Steven Tyler looks like Joan Rivers now.



Ads have been underwhelming.  I like the Audi/Starman ad.  And the marmot ad made me laugh although I had to ask what the produce was

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^^^That's what happens when you score field goals instead of touchdowns. Denver's defense has outscored Denver's offense. It's what is keeping Carolina in the game.

Another Independence Day movie? Really?  Vomit.

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