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ok anyone here a worshiper of the female vocalist, yes I`m talking of the classic blues lady`s Smith, Rainey, Tina and Janis. add the Suzi Q. Hyde. then there are a number of others Maria Muldaur, Joss Stone and Paloma Faith... but there are so many great female vocalist out there some I`ve heard there names but no music of there`s. personnel there maybe some I`ve never even heard a name of... so lets see whom enjoys the music of the female vocalist...

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Amazing that she doesn't get more mention when people mention great female vocalists. Some of the live work she did on tours with Jeff Beck is just incredibly good!

ooooh yes right on Beth Hart wonderful vocalists...

Beth Hart !

thanks for bring Beyh here.... :yourock:

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I love female singers but, strangely, not of the 'rock chick' or blues belter variety.

I can't even explain that to myself!

Diamanda Galas and Siouxsie at one extreme, Sandy Denny and Julianne from AAE at the other.

But not even Janis in the middle.

And I don't know why!

Ah well.

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