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Hypothetical double album


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  1. 1. If Zeppelin had done a double album before PG, which chronological sessions would have created the best double album?

    • I & II
    • II & III
    • III & IV
    • IV & HOTH

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If we're speaking purely hypothetically, I'd turn it around a tad and say a post-PG double album would have been a surer bet, namely with Coda, which undoubtedly had real scope for an additional disc to the one originally released in 1982. If Jimmy had scoured through the Zep archives in 1981 as thoroughly as he seemingly has done for these new remasters, there is no reason that the aforementioned album could not have been a double-set on it's initial release. If the four additional tracks added for the 1993 expanded release were theoretically remembered, located, and selected for inclusion, alongside material like 'Keys To The Highway/Trouble In Mind' (from the recent LZ III companion disc) and some of the inevitable other 'new' previously unreleased material we're likely to get in the coming months, that's one heck of a double album right there, and one that would have closed the book on the Zep in a pretty respectable and dignified manner.

As it is, we'll get that version (for the most part) in the next few months anyway, so all's well that ends well, the universe balances itself out once again B)...

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