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What (Non-Led Zeppelin) Live Show or Song Are You Listening To At This Moment?

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My very first bootleg record, purchased at the Music Faucet in Hayward Ca. 1977.
Robin Trower
Jan. 13, 1974
Record Plant
Sausalito, CA
1- The Fool and Me
2- Twice Removed From Yesterday
3- Lady Love
4- Daydream
5- Day of the Eagle
6- I Can't Wait Much Longer
7- Man of the World
8- Sinner's Song
9- A Little Bit of Sympathy
10- Tom Donohue Outro>KSAN commercial......
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Gary Burton on vibraphone with a pre PMG Pat Metheny and a pre Oregon Ralph Towner and one of the greatest jazz rhythm sections ever: Eberhard Weber and Bob Moses! I thought I'd listen to this once or twice but it seems to stay in the player for days!
Gary Burton Quintet + R.Towner
Live at Stadthalle Heidelberg/Germany, 1974-12-06
SOURCE: SBD MASTER>unknown Recording Equipment>CD transfer>
SOUND: A/A+ (listen to mp3 sample)
Gary Burton: vibes
Pat Metheny: electric guitar
Mick Goodrick: electric guitar
Ralph Towner: acoustic guitar
Eberhard Weber: bass
Bob Moses: drums
1. Sea Journey (C.Corea) 08.16
2. Midwestern Night Dreams (Metheny) 07.32
3. Matchbook (Towner) 04.44
4. Desert Air (Corea) 05.29
5. Colours of Cloe (Weber) 07.43
6. 500 Miles High 05.27
7. untitled 06.54
8. Introduction (G.Burton) 00.51
9. Icarus (Towner) 06.00
10. Song for a friend 05.45
11. Aurora (Towner) 06.36
12. untitled 07.55
Total Time: 73.18 min
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KING CRIMSON - Tokyo, Japan 1981-12-16 "In Kaminari Gate"
original silver CD>wave(eac)>shn(mkw)
Very good recording. Probably audience, maybe soundboard
The Band:
Robert Fripp - guitar
Adrian Belew - guitar
Bill Bruford - drums
Tony Levin - bass, stick
01. Frippertronics
02. Discipline
03. Thela Hun Ginjeet
04. Red
05. Matte Kudasai
06. The Sheltering Sky
07. Frame by Frame
01. Manhattan (The Howler w/ no vocals)
02. Percussion Intro
03. Indiscipline
04. Neal and Jack and Me
05. Elephant Talk
06. Lark's Tongues in Aspic, Part II
Robert Fripp dissolved King Crimson in 1974 stating that "being a rock star is interfering with my personal life." In the late 70's he began to re emerge, excited by the punk and new wave ethic. He produced the first two Peter Gabriel albums and played guitar on the third (Melt), he also contributed to Blondie's Parallel Lines, The Talking Heads' Fear of Music and the first and third Roaches albums and began performing with bands either off stage or under the alias "Dusty Rhodes". Then in 1981 he reformed King Crimson with Adrian Belew (Talking Heads) Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel) and Bill Bruford (King Crimson '72-'74, Yes '68-'72, Genesis tour '76 and UK '78-'79). This is from their first tour and everyone in the band is happy and excited to be playing KC music. I saw the November shows in San Francisco and Fripp was so excited that he actually stood up at one point!
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An incredible Neil Young solo acoustic show. May 16, 1974 at the Bottom Line club in New York City.

Fresh from recording "On the Beach", Neil plays four great songs that would end up on the album..."Ambulance Blues", "Revolution Blues", "Motion Pictures", and "On the Beach". He also sings a plaintive cover of "Greensleaves" and tells a hilarious anecdote about how to make 'honey slides', a concoction involving marijuana and honey.

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Jeff Beck
26th January, 2009
Palais Theater
Melbourne, Australia
Jeff Beck - Guitar
Vinnie Colaiuta - Drums
Tal Wilkenfeld - Bass
David Sancious - Keyboards
Recorded by Blackstar
Transferred by Blackstar
Recorded from the last row in the stalls about 5 meters left of center.
Church Audio STC-11 Mics>Church Audio ST-9000 preamp>Edirol R-09@24bit*48khz>usb>wav>
Cool Edit Pro 2.1(convert to 16*44/volume adjustment/eq/splitting/fades)>flac frontend>flac level 5
Disc1 (43:01)
1. Beck’s Bolero (3:38)
2. The Pump (4:07)
3. Eternity's Breath (1:29)
4. You Never Know (3:22)
5. Cause We've Ended as Lovers (5:12)
6. Behind the Veil (5:06)
7. Blast From The East (3:24)
8. Stratus (5:20)
9. Angels (Footsteps) (5:42)
10. Drum Solo (1:16)
11. Led Boots (4:25)
Disc 2 (43:27)
1. Nadia (3:30)
2. Bass Solo (2:26)
3. Snake Oil (4:25)
4. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (1:15)
5. Brush With The Blues (5:26)
6. Big Block (5:59)
7. Blue Wind (4:53)
8. A Day In The Life (7:16)
9. Scottish One (4:57)
10. Where Were You (3:20)
What an incredible band. Some of the finest musicians to ever grace the planet including our own 22yo Tal.
A great sounding show in my opinion.
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