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What (Non-Led Zeppelin) Live Show or Song Are You Listening To At This Moment?

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The Byrds "Eight Miles High" at the Fillmore East. Basically an extended jam. Some good shots of the venue and the view from the crowd to the stage after the music ends. And just think, Zep killed it at the Garden not far from here a few days earlier. Some of the people in the crowd at this show were probably there too. Lucky bastards :)


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For years the only live Renaissance I had was Live at Carnegie Hall.   Then about 10 years ago I found this.  Excellent set and sound.  In this track I really like the   keyboard/bass/drum workout that starts around 3:05.  Jon Camp's playing and tone on bass are superb.  He always credited Chris Squire as an influence and it certainly shows.  Annie's vocals shine as always.  The full set is:  Can You Understand, Running Hard, Ocean Gypsy, Prologue, Scheherazade, and Ashes are Burning.


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