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What (Non-Led Zeppelin) Live Show or Song Are You Listening To At This Moment?

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I’m listening to The Glorious Sons Live at Longboat Hall. The band put off a secret show for their fan club last year. The show was recorded and released. My vinyl just arrived a few days ago.





Here's a clip of one of the songs.


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I stumbled across this on YouTube.   Took me back to those days in the late 70s when for a brief moment this was one of my favorite live albums.  I gained an even better appreciation of Mahogany Rush when I saw them open for Nugent and Aerosmith at Giants Stadium in the summer of 1978.


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Nice camera work - not so many fast cuts.  Gary Rossington playing his slide solo with a cigarette in his pick hand is a nice 70s touch.  Just a few months before the plane crash that effectively ended one of the best American bands of the 70s.


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This was the first time I saw Yes.  Great set list spanning their career to that point.  I was glad they played the Future Times/Rejoice and Awaken.  In the round so everyone had a good seat at the Garden.  Pretty good audience recording.  A fantastic evening.


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