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What (Non-Led Zeppelin) Live Show or Song Are You Listening To At This Moment?

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Mike Millard recording of Yes at the LA Forum Sept 23, 1977.  Just before Going for the One someone in the audience yells out for "Gates of Delirium".  You gotta love it.  Dig how Millard captured Squire's bass.  Wow.


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Greensboro, North Carolina August 25, 1981 Fair Warning tour. So few good-sounding tapes exist from this monstrous tour. This is one of them. This tour was the peak of Van Halen, in my estimation. I saw them four times on this tour. Not even the US Festival or Monsters of Rock could top this tour.


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3 hours ago, John M said:

I don't collect Hendrix shows.  Was this release rumored for years?  This is amazing.  With the small crowd it is almost surreal.  Just a few months before Jimi died.


The same gig that was used for the Rainbow Bridge film, which was restored and released recently. I got to see it in a theatre along with a fresh restoration of Monterey Pop a few years ago. This new release are the two complete concerts in Maui that were the basis for Rainbow Bridge along with documentary about the film and Jimi's trip to Maui.

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