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Dolls,dolls,dolls,dolls...in the realm of plastic


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I have a friend whose mother owns a huge collection of antique dolls -- many of the dolls in her collection are porcelain dolls from the 18th/19th centuries -- you would love them, Freeyyaa.

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I love dolls of all kinds. Be it the plastic ones or the wooden ones. Most of the wooden dolls I have, happen to be handmade handicraft items from various parts of the globe.

During all the several trips that I took to the Auckland War Memorial Museum, either by myself or with family or friends, there is one permanent gallery which I have always made a point to visit, during each trip. That gallery is called "Wild Child", depicting the history of childhood in New Zealand from the early 1900's to the 1950's. It gives you a very interesting insight as to how Kiwi kids lived during those days.
I came across a very interesting variety toys (and also a few puppets!) on display at the gallery, ranging from the 1920's to the 1950's, that have been played with, by actual kids, .
I was also thrilled to see a few golliwogs as part of the display! B)
I owned a set of golliwogs, consisting of a man, lady and child.
In the days of my childhood (before the onset of this 'politically correct' and ultra sensitive world of ours, where everything seems to have a double meaning - including children's toys!!!), those golliwogs were much loved by me and bring back plenty of great memories! :D Honestly, I never even considered them to be toys, having a horrid racist interpretation! :wacko:







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I looked up these "Monster High" dolls, and they're not as bad as I imagined they might be. At least there are no rotting flesh or organs hanging out of them. I actually like the multi-armed one, as it reminds me of the Hindu stop action sword wielding warrior in one of those old Sinbad movies. Back when I grew up, we were fascinated by bug-eyed "Rat Fink" models and grossout rubber jigglers. But the girls always had prim and proper dolls and such...

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