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Zeppelin Haters and Rolling Stones and Fans

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13 hours ago, stanlove said:

Your joking about MSQ in 72 right? The Stones had over 1 million requests for tickets ion New York City for the 1972 show. Its a FACT that the Stones played before the bigger crowds in the 1970s. If you want to look into it look at the biggest concerts of the 1970s. I saw a list of the biggest 1970s concerts and the Stones are on it 6 times while Zeppelin is only one it once.  In 1975 for example the Stones drew crowds of over 80 thousand twice, and that is something Zeppelin never did. What Zeppelin and their fans do is make a big deal out of the 1973 Tampa show that broke records but totally ignore when the Stones broke records.


AS for Knebworth 1979 the promoters took a bath and went backrupt because Zeppelin's concerts did not sell nearly the amount of tickets that was expected.  Zeppelin was stale by 1979. Thats something that Zeppelin myth makers always try to ignore.  I am not trying to bash Zeppelin who i do like, but I get tired of the myth making. And saying Zeppelin overshadowed the Stones in the 1970s is part of that mythmaking. The Stones in the 70s still had their 1960s work and when anyone was to be compared to the Stones you were compared to the Stones whole body of work. Just because your 79s output outsold the Stones 70s output doesn't mean the Stones are in yoru shadow.


Zeppelin never overtook the Stones body of work. Stones and Beatles in the 1970s were at the top. Zeppelin was shot at the time.




to be honest ticket sales dont really matter but ill just leave this here B)


December 16, 2009

Guinness Book of World Records - O2 Ticket Demand

Guinness Book of World Records 2010 edition:

Led Zeppelin broke the world record for the Highest Demand for Tickets for One Music Concert when 20 million requests came through for the one-time reunion show in December 2007.


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Back in the mid-seventies, if I ran across a music fan whose favorite band happened to be the RS, then, every time, without fail, they would hate on Zeppelin. It was like part of being a RS fan was to hate other top bands, as if that somehow raised the stature of their favorite band. And so, I never sought out people whose favorite group was the RS, even though I like and appreciate many RS songs.


As a Zep fan, I never catered to the schoolyard thing of saying to others, about their band "we're great, and, you suck".

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10 hours ago, the chase said:

If that ends this..  then great. I don't think either band played to many if any empty seats in 1972 or since. I don't have Zeppelin's numbers for 72..and I don't like you assuming I think this just because Robert Plant said so.   I know Zeppelin broke single act attendance records in 73, Tampa and 77, Pontiac.  

Records are meant to be broken though. KISS last show in makeup back in 83 or so was in front of over a quarter million people in Brazil.. at a time they couldn't get arrested in the States. Tours became much bigger. Taylor Swift is packing stadiums. David Cassidy was packing stadiums in the early 70's. 

Led Zeppelin sold more albums. Cool to see you acknowledge that.. Peace. 

Yes. Zeppelin in the 70s were much more popular with the record buying age group. No question about it. Stones had alot of fans with the record buying age group and alot of fans from the 1960s.

Like I said I have no problem when someone says they were both huge concert draws what I object to is the usual statement from Zep fans that they blew the Stones away at the concert gate which is not accurate at all. I see it almost as a reflex from Zep fans.

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