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Am I crazy, is this a voice hidden in the song.

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I remembering back in the 80's as a teenager rewinding my tape player to listen to this. It is still bugging me today, what do you guys think?

The song is For Your Life. Right after the lyric below, there is what sounds like a distorted voice saying two words. The first one is hard to hear because of the music but the second you can't miss. Turn your base down or try your EQ's.


"On the balance of the crystal, paying through the nose" --- ----

It starts on 5:30 of the YouTube video I watched.

Tell me your thoughts, and if you do hear it and analyze it what are the words spoken. I know what I think they are. My GF heard I when I played itt.

If not make fun of me and call me crazy! Or say best Easter egg ever!

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