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Physical Graffiti matrices question


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Hi, newbie here

Does anyone here know what the E.G. stands for in this set of matrices from a 2nd press 1975 PG?

SSK 89400 (SS2-200) UK pressing

Side One
SSK.89400.A E.G. S-4
Side Two
SSK.89400.B E.G. S-4
Side Three
SSK.89400.C E.G. S-4
Side Four
SSK.89400.D E.G. S-2

Thanks in advance :)

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Thats just it though - there werent multiple pressing plants in the UK at the time - Atlantics were pressed by Polydor right? not EMI or Decca as they have their own telltale signs.

Why were a new set of plates made ? Unless it was to make some promo copies to promote it?

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I admit I don't know much about the British recording industry, but there certainly had to be more than one pressing plant. I do know in the US, when a major act (for example...Led Zeppelin) put out a new record, Labels would contract work out to any pressing plant they could to meet demand. I have been told that a significant amount of the initial press run for PG came from Germany.

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