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Looking for a funny Robert Plant clip

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I recently saw what looked like a really funny video (was watching at work with no sound available) with Robert Plant ringing the doorbell, a lady answers and he's trying to sell her something...The lady talking to him at the door is yelling at another lady upstairs who I think says to tell him they're not interested and to go away. He leaves a cryptic business card with the first lady, who gives it to the second lady...she starts thinking of the man's voice and looking at the card and is like, no way, couldn't be....

I can't remember where I saw this- can anybody help a LedHead out?

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Still have not seen the clip but from the description I have a theory as to what it relates to. Unfortunately nothing is worse than an incorrect theory.

It's part of the promo for a book about JB's, a music venue in Dudley near where Robert grew up and still owns a house.
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