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Physical Graffiti matrices mystery - E. G. in the matrix

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Hi, I posted this in the Newbies forum but didn't get anywhere

Does anyone here know what the E.G. stands for in this set of matrices from a 2nd press 1975 UK PG?

SSK 89400 (SS2-200) UK pressing

Side One
SSK.89400.A E.G. S-4
Side Two
SSK.89400.B E.G. S-4
Side Three
SSK.89400.C E.G. S-4
Side Four
SSK.89400.D E.G. S-2

Thanks in advance :)

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Maybe this sheds some light ....

Panthers26 posted information on the stevehoffman forum back in 2012.

Basically E.G. means "exempli gratia" => free sample. (Promo copy) Panthers26 had what he believed to be a UK / Promo test pressing but was disappointed with the lack of power / punch in the bass / drums department.

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I saw that too in a couple of threads there, but it makes no sense why a record company would manufacture a separate plate for a promo copy of a record. It is much more likely it's a reference to the pressing plant or the initials of the mastering technician.

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