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Louis Armstrong

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This is one of the top five jazz innovators ever, and his voice is like nothing else. There is so much material out there, I would go to a jazz

forum for suggestions, because much of the downloadable stuff is not really good quality. Of course Amazon would probably have

dozens of small and large box CD sets, but even these must be checked out for content and source.

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Happy birthday to Satchmo! Louis Armstrong, American Jazz Genius, born on this day (August 4) in 1901.

Yes, "What a Wonderful World" is a great tune...if a trifle overexposed lately. Sort of like "Stairway to Heaven" or "Whole Lotta Love". What a shame the length and breadth of Louis Armstrong's music has been reduced to a single song among so many.

For the reason why Armstrong is regarded as a giant in music, you should first go to the source...the Hot Five and Hot Seven sessions for the Okeh and Columbia studios. Don't get the Sony box with inferior sound...go for the cheaper but much better mastered JSP box "Complete Hot Fives and Sevens":


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