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Houses of the Holy Outakes

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I realize this may be a touchy subject and if the admin decides to close the thread, I completely respect and understand the decision to do that. I have been a collector of LZ for many years and somehow, I seemed to have missed the studio outake recordings, like the Akashic set, The Smithereens. Now that I have all the super deluxe sets, the Scorpio releases, etc, I feel like I have a hole in my collection, especially from an album that rates perhaps as my favorite LZ album. Does anyone know if these still circulate and are there are titles these recordings went by? Thank you for the help.

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The Godfather set is the most complete collection of studio bootlegs.

There are no studio outtakes from the Houses sessions. The Smithereens 3 is filled with fake/manipulated tracks from the album, not actual outtakes.

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Thank you Sue and Glyn, I was wondering why so much of the other records were covered so well while Houses really only had a few tracks. That explains it. I am not a bad fan after all. (-;

Hey man, this is what my Studio Magik has listed: UtVsm7z.jpg

When i'm home I'll edit in with details

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