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What are the lyrics to the Ten Years Gone "Eagles Nest" Bit?

No Quota

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I have tried to listen and cipher this lyric for 3 X 10 years gone now and have found several interpretations on the net and my own ears via concert recordings etc.

Below is the best choices I have found and was hoping someone may have the DEFINITIVE answer.

The two line below and the "best" answers I have found.

Through the eyes an 'I'll sparkle, Senses growin' keen.

Taste your love along the way, See your feathers preen.

Through the eyes that sparkle, senses full and keen.

Takes the lunge along the way, Set your feathers free.

Though the eyes they sparkle, Searches for a key,

Tastes the loves along the way, see our feathers free.

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I've always heard:

do the eyes not sparkle? Senses growin' keen.
tasting love for along the way, see your feathers preened.

RP's accent (west midlands) is often difficult for those on the western side of the Atlantic, especially when he's Americanising a bit as he does on TYG.

Ha! Glyn got there before me!

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Not definitive, but another option

Do the eyes not sparkle, senses growing keen

Taste the love along the way, see your feathers preen

Agreed with Glyn. I also found those lyrics in an old Angelfire.com fan site, titled "The first 100% accurate transcription of Led Zeppelin's lyrics", so it can't be wrong :whistling:

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