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So the reissues project is over, along with the companion disc audio project (which I was very impressed with for the most part), and now all of us are scratching our heads wondering: "What now?" Jimmy leads us to believe that he will go on tour alone, with his own band (without a singer). I'm guessing this will sort of be like a Jeff Beck thing. If so, then that's definitely something to be excited about, but another question does cross my mind quite frequently. What's left in the vaults? Supposedly a lot of good material. Here is what Jimmy (obviously) has left in the vaults, for example:

1. The 1975 Earls Court Shows. (Video from supposedly all five nights, or multitrack so from all five nights)

A) If this is indeed true (and quite possibly it is), then this is a very good opportunity for another live album, along with a DVD set. Just imagine: A complete Earls Court box set, with live audio, DVD footage, and liner notes and posters/goodies and what not! An Earls Court box set along with a Word Tour from Jimmy Page would be a huge success. I seriously think Jimmy is missing out here, and should really do something about these gigs.

2. The 1970 Royal Albert Hall Gig. (Live Audio)

Yes, yes, I know. Jimmy already put out this concert in the Led Zeppelin DVD. An official live album, remastered, would be truly worth it though, along with songs that were never able to make it on the DVD (Since I've Been Loving You, Thank You, Long Tall Sally, etc.) Let me know what you guys think!

3. The 1973 Southhampton Gig (Live Audio)

Jimmy might consider the performance to be bad, but to many fans, it is as equal to Earls Court. Anyways, what sort of person would deny the sheer energy of this show (How Many More Times, Black Dog, Communication Breakdown, The Song Remains The Same.) This show should definetely be released officially, and would make an excellent counterpart to How The West Was Won.

Please speculate and let me know if there might be something I missed out on, and your opinions about these gigs, and if they should get an official release in full form.

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3. Southampton is getting exciting only during the second half of the show. The first half of the show is pretty mediocre by any standards. The second half is excellent but has two technical flaws (Jonesy's bass cutting out during Heartbreaker and the cut in WLL), this pretty makes an otherwise beautiful recording useless. IMHO

2. RAH is already out there on DVD. Even die hard fans will think twice to fork out 14GBP/18 Euro/USD... for a 2CD album (+ Jimmy's guitar is recorded a little hot/distorted)

1. EC. Now these multitracks are perfection. But in all honesty (and as much as I love the shows!), I think 21st century ears will not understand the plantations and charm of this triumphant 'welcome home' chapter in Zep's history...most people (I reckon) won't tolerate the epic marathons. A single or double disc condensed live album doesn't do it justice either, I believe.

Jimmy was very enthusiastic about a live anthology in the seventies, including highlights from these particular shows (and Knebby 79). But DVD has fulfilled this quest in 2003. I understand your frustration...knowing we will probably never hear those marvelous multi track mixdowns of No Quarter (May 24 please), Kashmir or the encores from May 25th is very sad indeed. :tears:

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