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ITTOD outtakes on Coda


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Of the three songs (Darlene, Ozone baby & Wearing & Tearing) I much prefer the former two.

Just listening to the reissued Coda in the last couple of weeks & I've never noticed it before but I absolutely love Ozone Baby, I've tried & tried but can't really take to Wearing & Tearing at all, it sounds like they've tried punk & it's gone a bit wrong.


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I like all three. Ozone Baby is heavy rock, but a radio-friendly pop song at the same time. Darlene is a great piano-driven blues rock number, love JPJ's piano runs. And Wearing & Tearing, I think it's a cool mix of Metal, Punk and (fast) Rockabilly. Could have been a monster track live.

Sometimes I wish they had been included in ITTOD, would have been a great album then, with 4 great hard rock tracks (the 4th being In The Evening). Would have dropped South Bound Saurez and perhaps I'm Gonna Crawl (but not Hot Dog!) instead.

On the other hand, this would have made Coda a much weaker album. I really liked Coda when it came out in 1982, but the new deluxe release with all the bonus stuff is spectacular.

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I think Darlene is one of Bonham's most joyous drum tracks, the hi hat bark through the verses is great & when they start swinging at the end he pulls out some magic fills with one you can just about hear at the end of the fade out, a really inventive one between his hands & his feet.

The riff at the start could've made a song on its own as well.

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I think I will make myself the Ultimate ITTOD mix.

In the Evening

Ozone Baby

South Bound Suarez

Fool in the Rain


Hot Dog


All My Love

Bonzos Montreux

I'm Gonna Crawl

Wearing and Tearing

10 Ribs

10 Ribs & Bonzo's Montreux were recorded in '75 & '76 respectively, although it's your album so you can put My Way on it if you want.

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I love all 3, and was a little sad that there was not at least one alternate version, minimally (of any of the 3), to appear on either Coda companion disc. All the ITTOD tracks had alternate takes that were on the companion disc, so one would figure these 3 would have alternate versions recorded. Would be a good question for Jimmy.

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They were already "out takes" in 82'. There used to be a Zeppelin "brand", but starting with Mothership and the ridiculous redux of

TSRTS, the expectation of a truly outstanding product with the Zep name on it has been notably compromised. None of the remasters/companions are bad, or even mediocre. I find it incredibly hard to believe that Page as the final mixer/ producer simply

discarded/taped over/ overdubbed over much of what they did in whatever studio. Page may have been careless about certain things,

but absolutely not WHATEVER was recorded by the band. Just remember that even EXPERTS thought Zep had besides HHWCID and

TRB nothing left after Coda. Sugar Mama, Sunshine Woman, etc., known not in 82'.

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