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Hot pics of Jimmy


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Oh man! I know they sell this magazine in the States. I just saw a "Classic Rock presents The Doors" that had a dvd with it, but I've never seen one with a Led Zep dvd! Any one else in California receive this?

It's not here yet. I couldn't wait another moment after I found out it was out and bought it from ebay uk.

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Oh Madonna Santa, Yardbird!! What a great find these pictures!! Jimmy's current looks is my ULTIMATE weakness! :P

Lots of Muahs to you! These are gorgeous! I knew that I didn't have to check out this thread before getting ready to go out...I am LATE again!! :o

But it's a sweet, very sweet delay

Love, adore, crazy about the first one and the last one reminds me of a purring cat, a purring cheeky cat! :D

Gotta go....

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It was first released in the UK, but has not been released here in the states? I tried to see the pub. date but the scan is too small...

For some reason their magazines are released here about a month after they are released there. It's really annoying, especially when I want to find out everything our darling Pagey is up to.

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