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Hot pics of Jimmy


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I agree, the jacket suits him very well. I love those pics, he looks totally awesome there.

I made a coat like that for one of my daughters when she was Jack sparrow for halloween. Many people thought she bought it. Now she wants one without all the trim. Anyone have any velvet laying around?

That is the best pic of him from that evening I've seen so far, just gorgeous.

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Okay, I've seen this before. But what the crap is up with his hands? :huh:

That's the uniform they wear when they play cricket. He was probably just messing with the guitar during a game. That's Jimmy for you. Always fun to be around. That's why I like him so much. He's so Funny!

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:hysterical: Actually, I didn't make up that name… when I saved it I saved it as what it was already named… but I like the name too! :D

Don't deny it :lol:;) j/k

I really like this one, too:


That's indeed a great pic, good to see he's still having so much fun when playing with LZ.

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