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Hot pics of Jimmy


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AMAZONIC sent me links to some clips of Pagey at the ARMS concert (:thanku:)

And after i managed to stop screaming,get my heart beating again and start breathing again i magaged to take some screenshots of him, they are not perfect, it took too long for the vid to load with the high quality version.

You are welcome, Lucia! :) Glad you enjoyed them!

Beautiful screenshots you captured. They all are fantastic!

I actually forgot these the other day. There of him doing "Stairway."



Awww, Aen27! You know, I foolishly missed to watch this vid from that NY ARMS concert too. So, when I saw your captures, I thought I was missing something... :D

Thanks for posting these magical pics..



Just beautiful, Spacey! "sigh'

And now it's good night for me ... :)

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Oh Adi,

I love all those. The one with Jimmy bringing the boquet to Robert I always think is so adorable!

i love them all too especially the last one he is so beautiful in this pic...

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"It's all right for you. All you got to do is go out there and look good, wiggle your ass, because nobody gives a fuck whether you miss a note or not! "

John Bonham to Robert Plant during one of their good-natured arguments

Well Bullshit. When he sang out of key, it was dreadful to the ears.

And his sway was annoying as all hell, lol.

That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. :D

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He sort of goes off the screen here but he actually wiped his hand *sigh* through his perfect, gorgeous,soft sweaty hair :wub: Oh Lord...:wub:


Oh, Lucia, I was thinking about this picture all last night while I was at work and getting shivers thinking about his long fingers in his goregous hair! It didn't help I had the Lemon Song in my head too.

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Actually when i saw this i thought that Pagey looked rather unconfortable, a formal suit and tei don't really suit him.

I love this one so much, just everything really...Oh lord I havn't even bin on the forum for more than 5 minutes and all ready im having fainting spel...*thud*

Here is another that is from that same day I think. I love this just as much.


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