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Hot pics of Jimmy


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I'd sure like to know what's so funny. :D

Well I just noticed Rob is looking at Jimmy's bum.....

Could that possibly have something to do with it? :0o:

Knebby: Is your comment about the shuttlecock suppose to be as ironic as I'm seeing it? :lol:

If not I'll wait patiently for my slap on the wrist.

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Which concert was this? Where? When? Did he dress like that on purpose? Was he drying to get a rise out of people?

The Nazi stormtrooper getup was from the 1977 tour and I have no idea why he was dressed like that. Anyways, I love all the pics of Jimmy, thanks everyone for sharing them!!

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Aww, Lady Raven, I love the second one! He looks so tired and sweet :D

Tried to find a site I put up here a few months ago with some nice pics, but alas, I can't find it :(

But I did find this one with lots of lovely icons of the boys


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Hi everyone! I am new here...

So far I have loved all Jimmy's pictures posted in this forum..Here are some that I really really adore about him...don't know if you have already seen them around, maybe you have..

Anyway they are my favorite!

hope it works...



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