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Hot pics of Jimmy

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That is so cool..that is a good find-not sure I'd agree with the "it's not sex at all" though :P:blush:

But yes the rest does very much suit a Pagette's taste :)

There is a quite liiitle sex in every thought about Pagey... :blush::bagoverhead:



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I just love this picture! :wub:

And I restored it a little with help of my graphic programmes:


Thank you, Spacewoman. It looks beautiful. His smile seems even more beautiful if that's possible in this one.

I have found this picture on one website. I would say that the unknown fan described exactly the feelings of most of us Pagettes...


I agree, but like Lucia, how can sex not cross your mind when it comes to the ever dazzeling Mr. Page!

And some Sliver Fox :wub: :wub: I cannot believe that I feel this way about a 65 year old.

...who couldn't fall in love with him?

I feel the same way. He is 31 years older than I am.

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Is this not Rob, guitarist from Aussie metal group Vampora, who looks uncannily like Jimmy in the photo, even the fingers?

Had to look him up, remarkable resemblance.

He's a cutie isn't he? Bet Jimmy would have liked to get his hands on this jacket back in the day:



And neck:



Skinny guitarists with long, dark curly hair, sigh.

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