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Hot pics of Jimmy

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Don't get me wrong, I love many of the pics you all have been posting, but I'm going to have to finally confess that--

--I've always thought he looks a real prat in this one. :bagoverhead:

Sorry, ladies (and Jimmy)!

Is it the hair? I've always not liked this one because of that. :lol:

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I'm quaking! :blink:

Whaaaaa...? Headmaster thread? Quaking? I must have missed something good...or bad? What was on this other "headmaster" thread that was bad?

I do agree though. A new thread should be started just for the poems.

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Well, I somehow found out about the photopucket-thing, so now I can post as well...

I don't know, maybe they're already posted here, but I only looked through 70 pages by now (that means work).

Ok, these are Screenshots I made from the "The Song remains the Same" Specials DVD, whith "Over the Hills and Far away", "Celebration Day", "Misty Mountain Hop" and "The Ocean" that are not on the movie. These Screenshots are from "Over the Hills and Far away" - I'm sorry that the lines are so blurry, but I like them anyways... Oh, and some look really similar; this is because I couldn't decide which I liked best...






'till then ladies...

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fab shots, racchan!

Have you painted these manga styled images yourself? THey look great...

if you want to, you really should post them in the paintings thread (if you haven't aleady...haven't been there for a while...)

you know what?


this is a gorgeous spring day, and you make it even more gorgeous with the pics :- )

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