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Hot pics of Jimmy


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Taker328 was kind to post a clip site of IMGL under the thread title: A little sneak peak of IMGL. I wont post it here for 1)redundancy 2)some of you don't want to see too much of the film beforehand. But ladies, I grabbed these shots off the clips, and I couldn't resist posting. How freakin' cute is he??????



I seriously stopped breathing when I saw these, Moonmaid! :D

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OK my dad officially knows I have a thing for Pagey, he keeps taking the piss out of it, earlier he asked me what kind of breakfast cereal I though he ate in the morning or how many cups of tea he drinks. That's my dad.

My father knows I do too. He knows better than to make fun of it now. He also plans to go with me when I go see the movie in August.

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I know I posted this first one the other day, but he's just so cute in it. I wanted to get the crease out. It is from when he was best man at Richard Cole's wedding.






These all are quite new to me :faint1: Oh God... he is just the perfect artwork of the nature!

Thanks, Alex! :thanku:

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I just love those two :wub: - just look at the hem of his pants, he could need a good seamstress to make it better- so Pagettes, let´s go! :D :D

And the second one is lovely- I wil try to improve it a little in one of my programmes and delete those pink points :)

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