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Hot pics of Jimmy

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^^ Holy sh*t! That's the coolest thing I've ever seen... Where's it from and what does it mean? It's just to the right of disturbing, but it's awesome. Sorry, I haven't posted in awhile, but nothing has moved me like this shot in quite awhile.

Edit to add-

Here's the pic from glicine so you guys don't have to click backwards. I didn't know I'd be shot to the next page:


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I'm a pagette stan I love Jimmy his exotic features his dark eyes makes him sexy and his hair makes him even hotter, but it's only his looks it's his music and him being one of the greatest guitarists in history makes me as a fan.

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Ok, I think I went to heaven if I found this forum and especially this topic. This one is killer. I'm just into 72th page of this topic, but whoah, you know... I'm speachless. You have soo many deadly photos, I think, you know that feeling when you see the photos which are breathtakin. And for me it's like everything at the same time. I mean, every photo for me is new and I'm just like OMG.

I don't know, when I reach this page, but I think it'll be very soon, because I can't get enough from Jimmy. So, thanks for everyone for posting all these photos.:wub:

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No, you're not being harsh IMO- you're just being truthful. I understand what its like to be completely infatuated with Jimmy- really I do, ladies!- but some of y'all are just totally over the top. Maybe Headmaster Jimmy should be brought back into existence so all that fantasy stuff can stay there. ;) While the rest of us can peacefully enjoy items like this:


And yes, like Obsessedwithzeppelin, theocean, LMJPP, B_B... the Hot Pics o' Jimmy thread was my second home! But now, I'm just tired of trying to sift through page after page of "Jimmy resurrects dead animals with his smile" type stuff (and not to mention the strings of photos quoted right after someone posts them, and the mile long signatures! Drives me ccrraazzy!)

Adorable :wub:

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