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Hot pics of Jimmy

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Since there are 365 pages in this topic, I've been looking through them a few pages a day. Amazing journey. Anyways, I unfortunately came across some discussions in the 350's (referring to page numbers here) that I really hate to bring up and don't want to start any arguements but it's left me confused. I do understand about getting carried away with ones comments, but I feel a bit mute and must admit a bit scared to say anything. So, please help a newbie and explain if I can or can't mention compliments to certain pictures. Sorry if I've rambled on, but I really debated on wether to ask about this or just keep my mouth shut...and really didn't know how or what exactly to ask. Does any of this make since? I sure hope so.

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Well, I might as well throw all dignity out of the window. Honestly between the Hot Pictures Of Robert thread and this, how much can one woman stand I ask you? :faint1:

But tell me why this HYPOTHETICAL woman should stand???? LOL!

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i think this is the nicest pic of jimmy in a long time. no red face ( some look like he has fake tan ), and his hair is much nicer let loose like that. i don't like the pulled back ponytail look. he looks very relaxed and happy there. great pic. ( i know it's from the dvd ).

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