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Hot pics of Jimmy

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Can ANYONE FIND PICTURES FROM THE FIRST NIGHT IN L.A.Forum 6-21-1977 i can't believe Neal Preston don't have any? in jimmy's new photobiography there is not one picture from the 77-tour in the forum. could there be something brewing here in the future? this was jimmys favorite place at the time and he even looked healthy so where's the pictures JIMMY?

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...this one appeared just today, This Day from Sweden/T.V., March 14, 1969 ...bit blurry background screen...but more the mysterious, more the Hotter....


Hey there :) Nice one! I found this picture on the Achilles Last Stand website and it says it's from the same date (March 14, 1969) but at a concert in Stockholm.


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I tried to ge through this thread but did not make it through all 300+ pages!

I am trying to locate a picture of Jimmy playing a coppercolored singlecut Danelectro U1.

I believe that he owned this guitar in the 80´s and i do not think he played it in the Led Zep days.

Does anyone have a picture of him with a guitar like that or have ever seen one??

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