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Hot pics of Jimmy


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Only difference between this and the other photo is that this picture the guitar isnt strung upside down. this photo is a mirror photo where it looks like he is playing left handed but is not.

The other photo the guitar is physically upside down and is strung upside down for a right handed player.

Maybe that photo should be posted in the "Zeppelin Photo Mystery" thread to try and figure out if that is indeed a Yardbirds photo or a photo from his session player days.

Shouldnt be to hard to do since we already know the guitar belongs to a left handed player.

Edit - to remove 2nd photo.

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Thanks all for posting such beautiful photos...so sweet to catch many glimpses of our Idol over and over again with such wonderful comments praising his iconic and forever mysterious beauty...

..."The Divine Beard" will forever haunt me in this photo...this one is too close to the heart, as is the Dragon Suit, and AEN and MSG, I am sure you understand..... ;) ;)


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I've never seen this one before! Great pic, AEN :)

You both are very welcome, jayceeporter and SweetLittleBaby. :) It was posted on a Yardbirds page on facebook and new to me too. I agree. He looks positively adorable. :)

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