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Hot pics of Jimmy


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Thank you for you kind words Kenog, I loved photos of our beloved John Bonham, that I have not seen before... 9 "Pages" of Led Zeppelin Photos altogether in this link above;

..and here He is, charming someone somewhere in time, stealing many dreams as possible... ;):wub:




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That is one of my very favorite of Jimmy's interviews ever. He even calls Charlotte 'his lady' in it too. I am happy they reprinted it for this. I did not know it was also from Melody Maker. :D

I always see that Melody Maker on ebay uk, but its always so much more than the NME which I only paid 99p for...I'm very cheap sometimes :)


Jimmy just looks so cute here. :wub:

Jimmy does look very cute there! But Paul Rodgers looks like a super-hero on laundry day!


Loooove this one aen27! He is perfect!


And this one is just the cutest thing ever!

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I have never seen this pic- just the one of them walking. That is Jimmy with his Dad at Knebworth. Where did you find it?

Alice75 showed me from ANP site and someone else showed me this 'cleaned up' version from tumblr. I love it.

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Thank you for this, PlanetPage. It is new to me. It does look like he was wearing a vest at this show.

...you welcome, my fellow Pagette...he does look like he is wearing a shiny vest over black T; going by the reviews, I think he is wearing a black

dragon pants to match...

He is very photogenic, always and always...never fails to impress the Pagettes... :wub:

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