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Hot pics of Jimmy

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I guess the same shots come round again on this thread.. bet this is already somewhere else : OTD pic this year/last year .. but if so, worth a repeat .. 1_081283.jpg

This is probably one of the most gorgeous and charming pictures I've ever seen of him. His eyes look so clear and he looks a bit exhausted. Truly a handsome man.

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I see it as well.

Whenever I see these photos of him I see a touch of sadness/weariness in each, especially the first one. It's an absolutely breathtaking, touching, beautiful portrait of Jimmy. It was my avatar for a while.




Those are my all time favourite Jimmy pics.

That Asian stache.... Jimmy channeling his inner magician.

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Does JP ever take a bad picture? The guy is just too fine. Notice these "Hot" threads about Jimmy - there have been legion - go on for hundreds of pages. Whereas if you started a thread called "Unflattering Photos of Jimmy" it would die of loneliness.

Surely he is the best-looking Englishman ever.

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Surely he is the best-looking Englishman ever.

Not in my opinion! Lovely though he is. :)

*disclaimer - this opinion is not based on the thoughts/musings of any members, alive or deceased, of Led Zeppelin; their spouses, offspring, entourage or neighbours*

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