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Hot pics of Jimmy


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brilliant shots that girl has found! JP they are from 1985 and from when he was doing the interview on "The Guitar Show" with Les Paul, he's wearing the same Hawaiian shirt under his jacket there.

The picture on the bottom I have seen before. That has been on fb. The top one is new to me. Thank you for putting it here! :D Yes I also thought it was 1985. His hair isn't permed like in 1986.

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Thank you Stairway for posting the Twitter link!! There is a question of where one of those photos was taken in the Photo Mysteries thread. So they were taken in NOLA in 85. By 86 his hair was so permed.

It was given by MJC. Yeah I saw the post in the mysteries thread you're talking about, when I swear the shirt I knew straight away where it was from! :lol:

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See same shirt

July 18, 1985

I don't think the Hawaiin shirt in this video (from the July 85 visit to Les Paul's house) is the same shirt as the 3 photos the girl posted on Twitter.

Jimmy wore a variety of these shirts that often appear similar but if you look at the shirt placket, the Twitter pics have more of a black background (subtler flower) on the placket than the bolder floral pattern seen on the placket in above video- i think.

(You can see a still photo with same bolder patterned shirt as on video here on Steve's LZ Photo Mysteries pg 52)

On Twitter, she said her Dad took these 3 photos when he hung out "with Zepp" at a hotel in New Orleans.

The way the 3 pictures were on Twitter (laying on ceramic tile) we can only see his arm in the bottom photo.


She also mentioned her father will be playing in a LZ tribute band at Napper Tandys.

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