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Hot pics of Jimmy


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Good heavens, what's the story on this one? Looks like Jimmy intently watching a man sniffing an orange in the back of a cab or something...


Maybe they found Robert's crotch stuffing! :lol: Jimmy's laughing while the other man is like- yep that's Robert's, it smells funny like him. :rolleyes:

I really don't know, I got the pic from Vannis last night.

Ahahaha yeah it's on my profile... I just like it haha.

Gotta gooooo...

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All hail googoodoll for finding that site! Pics from Jimmy's trip to Thailand looks like. He's rockin' the Orlando Bloom ponytail look:


I know some friends from myspace.com and he send me this link about Jimmy Page in Bangkok. Unfortunately it's all in Thai language so I can only cheked out the photo.


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Interesting - I've never seen him play this type of guitar before. Is this one of those PRS models?

yeah, i was surprised to see this one too...very interesting. i remember seeing p/p in 98 (boston) and i was extremely surprised to see him using that prs during walking into clarksdale. i wasn't surprised really to see him using that guitar - but i am surprised about one being used in the outrider days. i've never seen that referenced in any of his gear lists from the different era's as far as i remember.

thanks for the pics.

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